Microsoft Ignite: Checking out the Expo Show Floor


The other day I shared images from the massive Microsoft Showcase that dominates the Expo Show floor here at Ignite in Atlanta.

Well, surrounding the Microsoft booth's from one end of the massive expo floor to the other are the booths of sponsors and other companies that build their own services on top of the Microsoft stack.

This week I found cars, motorcycles (a Harley and a Ducati), robots, a mock up airplane, servers, routers, cameras, magicians, HoloLens, popcorn machines and all kinds of other devices and services.

The big show booths occupy the center area of the floor while the smaller companies fill in at each end. All of them want to share their products and services with attendees at the conference and pass out a lot of swag in the process.

Enjoy the visit to the 2016 version of the Microsoft Ignite Expo Show Floor.

See everyone in Orlando, Florida next year!


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