IT Innovators
Innovating to Keep Data Secure

Innovating to Keep Data Secure

Keeping data secure in transit and at rest is a top priority for enterprises today. Read how these two pioneers advanced the science of encryption and data security. 

When Joseph Latouf was in high school, a challenge sparked his curiosity. His algebra class was informed that if anyone could come up with a prime number generator, they would win a $100,000 reward. Latouf got fast at work, and after some intense analyzing and deliberating, uncovered a clever method of creating a prime number generator. A professor at a nearby university was called in to prove that his prime number generator worked—and indeed, it did. Sadly, however, there really wasn’t a $100,000 prize.

Latouf said he tucked away the fruits of his labor in his back pocket, hoping that it would someday lead to something of value. After all, he knew that a prime number generator was important, since it holds the keys for encryption. Read the post

MEDHOST helps more than 1,100 hospitals, behavioral healthcare organizations and rehabilitation facilities across the nation manage their facilities and provide medical care with financial and clinical solutions, as well as consumer engagement software and services. William Crank, chief information security officer at MEDHOST, is devoted to keeping patient health records and other secure data safe without impeding the business. Read the post

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