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How Etsy Keeps Their Global Community Engaged with a High-performance Data Platform

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world gather to make, sell, and buy unique goods. Etsy’s emphasis on creating a more meaningful economy by connecting independent vendors and shoppers has grown it into one of the internet’s busiest e-commerce platforms. Etsy knows using their platform must be a great experience, and performance is a key part of user experience. Therefore, Etsy’s systems must stay online and be fast. To achieve this, among other things, Etsy practices DevOps, a culture with values including collaboration, quality, and tight feedback loops between development and production.

In this type of environment, perhaps the most difficult systems to observe and optimize are the databases. Hundreds of shared database servers back Etsy’s platform, all working in concert to handle Etsy’s demanding workload. Keeping the platform available, reliable, and fast means the databases must be high-performance around the clock. Etsy’s engineering teams rely on Database Performance Monitor (DPM).

Read this case study to learn how Etsy uses DPM to:

  • Accomplish projects more effectively.
  • Get query-level performance metrics to surface and explain changes or problems hidden within the flurry of activity.
  • Eliminate uncertainty and create clarity.
  • Solve visibility challenges at scale.


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