Enterprise Application Deployment Challenges

Enterprise Application Deployment Challenges

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Application development and delivery has become increasingly more challenging for businesses today. A few years ago, developers could just target Windows desktops or web applications and while there were challenges, that was a far simpler scenario than today. Now with the consumerization of IT and the explosion of different types of devices and cloud computing, there is no standard desktop delivery target. In addition, application architecture is undergoing a trend away from legacy monolithic applications toward containers and micro-services. In this webcast with IT Pro’s Senior Contributing Editor Mike Otey, you’ll learn about some of today’s biggest enterprise application deployment hurdles as well as some strategies for handling them, including:

  • Dealing with rapidly changing technologies and multiple deployment targets
  • Using automation to simplify complex deployment requirements and the need to manage software licenses.
  • Scanning for software vulnerabilities across your infrastructure
  • Prioritizing critical security patches and keeping applications patched after deployment

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Michael Otey is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Pro and is president of TECA a technical writing, content creation, software-development and consulting company in Portland, Oregon. Michael is a former SQL Server Microsoft MVP and has written hundreds of technical articles and a dozen technical books. He frequently presents on technical webcasts and at IT/Dev Connections and other technical conferences.

Timothy Davis is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Flexera Software, and has worked in global marketing at high-tech firms such as BMC Software, VeriSign, McAfee, and Lotus. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise software, he has gained a deep understanding of the business challenges faced by IT organizations in enterprises of all sizes. Specializing in IT Service Management and Operations, Tim develops content that translates product features into real business benefits that help IT leaders learn about new and developing technologies that drive IT efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.