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An Email Success Story: How Commissions Inc. Grew From A Thousand Emails to Ten Million

An Email Success Story: How Commissions Inc. Grew From A Thousand Emails to Ten Million

Commissions Inc. realized that technology was the future of the real estate industry, and yet there was no uniform top-to-bottom platform that could adequately meet the needs of brokers and agents. So they built their own. Commissions Inc. is a real estate technology platform that connects agents and brokers to homebuyers and sellers, and facilitates every process in between.

During a recent discussion, Commissions Inc. Chief Software Architect, Matt Swanson, provided some valuable insight into the process of growing their email capabilities from a couple thousand a month to tens of millions.

Commissions Inc. knew from the start that they needed visibility into their email deliverability and a cloud based solution to serve as their email infrastructure. They found SendGrid. As Swanson pointed out, they integrated fully in about an hour, it was extremely fast and easy, and SendGrid was more than helpful getting Commissions Inc. up and running.

So What Did The Integration Accomplish?

After adopting this solution, Commissions Inc. not only had a solid email infrastructure that allows them to scale usage up or down as needed, but also (maybe even more importantly!) had access to comprehensive views of blocks, spam reports, bounces, invalid emails and unsubscribe data. Commissions Inc. also gains access to constantly evolving technologies and practices in the email world and can be assured that their email methods are always current.

Why Are These Things Important to Commissions Inc. (and therefore other companies)?

Having the infrastructure that SendGrid provides allowed Commissions Inc. to scale their email efforts up. Way up. Swanson highlighted the fact that SendGrid has made it constantly effortless for Commissions Inc. to easily increase their email capabilities from thousands to tens of millions.

Knowing where emails end up is the most important metric linked to improving email efficiency. Through the reports and data that Commissions Inc. receives they have been able to reduce their spam reports to just .07%. Moreover, their overall email development time spent on email management has dropped from 10% to 2%!

Companies that utilize email often would no doubt love the types of improvements that Commissions Inc. has received from their integration with SendGrid. Understanding email deliverability can drastically improve efficiency and therefore lead to monumental cost savings and much higher productivity through the company.

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