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 Certified VDI Pros Now Have a Badge to Flash

Certified VDI Pros Now Have a Badge to Flash

A new certification program from Citrix allows experts to display their credentials on networking sites like LinkedIn.

If the Middle Ages had craft guilds, today's IT world has an equivalent: Certified engineers. These are the professionals who have taken the time to acquire specialized knowledge in a particular aspect of enterprise technology, and thus can be counted on to be able to competently handle themselves in the workaday world.

Certification plays an important role in the world of desktop virtualization, and most of the major vendors have programs that lead to varying levels certificates. This list of vendors includes the two biggest players in virtualization software: Citrix and VMware.

Recently, Citrix announced a new "Digital Badge" program that it said will allow Citrix-certified engineers to display their credentials in a standardized way in social networks like LinkedIn.

The company said the badge will connect to Citrix-authenticated online metadata that will "describes the qualifications of the earner and the rigorous process required to attain the credential represented by the badge."

The service -- in effect, a Citrix-authenticated merit badge -- is free for anyone with any of the six certification categories available at Citrix.

VMware offers certifications that range from Associate to Expert level in a number of categories, including Data Center Virtualization, Cloud, End-User Computing and Network Virtualization.

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