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The Benefits of Hyper Convergence for VDI

The Benefits of Hyper Convergence for VDI

Cost-effective scalability is a core advantage of hyper-converged infrastructure.

Bumping up against capacity is a huge challenge for VDI deployments when it comes to end-user performance. Poor VDI performance means unhappy users and unhappy users often share their unhappiness with the IT department.

Organizations that run into capacity constraints on their VDI deployments need to expand capacity in a way that doesn’t unnecessarily increase the complexity of the VDI experience for their users and is cost-effective.

In the past, adding VDI capacity required deploying new servers and new networking hardware. This certainly achieved the goal of increasing capacity, yet IT managers commonly resolve the issue through over-provisioning, which wastes precious IT dollars.

Enter hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), a form of converged infrastructure which is more efficient than previous iterations because it allows complex components such as storage and networking to be abstracted away so that IT managers don’t spend hours on installation.

HCI delivers an alternative way to boost capacity that is more economical. This is possible because HCI is designed to scale out all aspects of the fabric, compute, storage, and networking in an incremental manner. Rather than adding individual servers, IT can add complete infrastructure components in a modular way with minimal management requirements.

In the past, administrators had to perform painstaking configuration changes. Now, IT organizations can pretty effortlessly expand their infrastructure as VDI capacity demands grow, avoiding making big bets and over-purchasing on server resources. Another benefit to scaling out with hyper-converged infrastructure is that changes are more transparent to end users.

Underwritten by HPE, NVIDIA and VMware.

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