App Tour: Microsoft IT Showcase Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App


As I search for various resources to share with you here at IT Pro: Windows, one of my favorite places to look through is the Microsoft IT Showcase.

That repository of information is full of white papers and other articles that share how Microsoft, one of the largest IT organizations in the world, handles the deployment and usage of their myriad collection of technologies.

I learned today that there is an actual Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that brings all of that great technical content to your own Windows 10 PC, tablet, and/or mobile devices.

"Stay current with the latest IT innovations! Microsoft IT Showcase presents an inside view of the Microsoft IT process for developing, deploying, and managing Microsoft solutions. IT Showcase Modern Universal app on your Windows PC or Tablets Or Phones provides easy access, comprehensive search, and new content alerts for IT Showcase articles and media offerings to read, view, save, or share."

The Microsoft IT Showcase UWP App can be downloaded from the Windows Store and has all kinds of great features:

  • Stay up to date with the latest IT Innovations
  • Windows 10 Universal and personalized Mobile and Cloud app, provides latest IT Showcase stories
  • Quickly find desired content using key word search with wide range of filters
  • View content details in various languages - powered by Microsoft Translator. Language lists available in content detail view
  • Share content over email, twitter, linkedin or facebook or save it to OneDrive for any time access
  • Read out content - listen to the entire content list by the click of a button
  • Access any content in offline mode - set 'Offline Access' On within any content to make it available offline
  • Favorite any of your preferred content by touch or click, via the favorite icon
  • Rate content to enable value added views, sort option also available to view top rated contents
  • Recommendations based on your preferences powered by Azure machine learning
  • Use Cortana for Windows 10 for quick access, using phrases such as “IT Showcase what’s new,” “IT Showcase favorites,” and so on.

The best part of the Microsoft IT Showcase UWP app, in my opinion, is the ability save content for offline viewing when you might be in a location with no connectivity but a lot of time to catch up on your reading.

This gallery will give you a peek at the desktop app but since it is UWP based you can expect a similar experience on a mobile device or smaller tablet running Windows 10.


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