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Advanced Azure AD Connect Scenarios

First, we had DirSync, and we could synchronize identities to Office 365. Then Microsoft introduced Azure AD Sync, which brought with it more features and upgrades. Today we finally have Azure AD Connect. Everyone using the prior products should have already upgraded, but in this session, you'll actually learn what you can do with this tool. Learn everything from the basics of how to set it up and manage it, to advanced synchronization scenarios and how to create your own custom rules and transformations. The use of PowerShell to manage and customize Azure AD Connect will be heavily covered. There will also be demos of connecting multiple AD forests to one Azure AD tenant, and connecting one AD forest to multiple Azure AD tenants.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Configure Azure AD Connect
  • Customize Synchronization Rules
  • Work with multi-forest or multi-tenant situations
  • Set up Azure AD Connect for high availability

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