Virginia Corporate Commission Chooses Hummingbird

The State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia has selected Hummingbird Communications' CompInfo to provide the software and services necessary to implement the commission's new case- and document-management system. Hummingbird CompInfo will be the prime contractor for the project, which will implement CompInfo's LawPack case-management system along with the Hummingbird document-management system. The new system will significantly enhance the commission's knowledge infrastructure, support Web enablement of data, and improve citizens' access to government services. "For a surprisingly large and diverse group of knowledge organizations, meaningful institutional knowledge will increasingly be recognized as knowledge about \[case management\] matters," says Rod Piette, Hummingbird ComInfo's vice president of government systems. The commission combines legislative, administrative, and judicial powers into one authority; operates as a fourth branch of government; and has regulatory responsibility for corporations, financial institutions, insurance, securities retailing and franchising, trademarks and service marks, public utilities, and other facets of Virginia commercial and public life. The commission also receives and responds to citizen complaints, conducts hearings, handles cases, issues orders and directives, imposes fines and judgments, and processes claims, applications, and filings.

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