Syspro, Info Works Partner

Syspro Impact Software and Info Works Software entered into a strategic technology accord under which Info Works developed a seamless interface to Syspro’s IMACT Encore. The interface allows users of the accounting, manufacturing, and distribution software to link to Info Works’ ADAPT open customer relationship management (CRM) system. ADAPT is an enterprise-class system that allows businesses to manage all resources and customer, vendor, and prospect relationships. The seamless link extends the IMPACT Encore’s capabilities further along the supply chain, providing users with full CRM functionality. “We researched many leading CRM products and concluded that ADAPT mirrors Syspro’s vision of providing full functionality and ease of use at a reasonable cost,” says Brian Stein, Syspro president. ADAPT gives IMPACT Encore users control of all aspects of the customer management cycle in a single database, including marketing, sales, service, and collections. In addition, ADAPT is characterized by real-time front-to-back office integration, customizable open architecture, platform and database independence, reduced costs, and minimal implementation and training.

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