Survey: IT Decision Makers Talk Windows 10, Mobility, and Security

Survey: IT Decision Makers Talk Windows 10, Mobility, and Security

I actually came across this survey through the Enterprise and Mobility blog and a specific post from Microsoft's Chief of Windows Server and System Center Brad Anderson.

The survey, conducted by CCS Insight, is from their Decision-Maker Mobile Technology survey conducted in October of 2016. They spoke with 400 mobile technology decision-makes across the US and in four European countries and focused on their approach to enterprise mobility and digital workplace products.

Here are some of the interesting results of this survey:

-  38% that increasing productivity was the primary outcome they were looking for when investing in mobile tech.

-  Worker productivity increased by 25% through these mobility investments.

-  Only 30% of the companies surveyed said they statistically tracked the results from these types of investments.

-  86% of these companies plan to migrate to Windows 10 in the next 3 to 4 years. Nearly half of them are looking to make this move in the next year.

-  83% believe that the management of desktop and mobile assets will merge into a single organization over the next three years. 44% feel this will happen over the next 12 months.

-  The top 5 supported mobile apps for employees in these organizations were Microsoft Office, Skype, Google Apps, Dropbox, and Facebook.

-  Data security and its protection is considered the most important aspect of application development in 45% of these companies.

- 22% believe security is one of the most important aspect of any consideration in using mobility and digital technologies.

Finally, when it comes to brands, the top five consisted of:

  • Microsoft and Apple (35%)
  • Samsung (23%)
  • Google (21%)
  • Cisco Systems (9%)

You can read the entire survey and results at the CCS Insights website.


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