Standardize Your SSIS Package Deployments

Standardize Your SSIS Package Deployments

Pragmatic Works has released a new product called BI xPress, which lets you standardize your SSIS package deployments. With this product, you can add automated auditing, monitoring, historical, and notification reports to packages. BI xPress offers drag and drop functionality, making it faster and easier to create, deploy, and validate SSIS packages.

This product includes a deployment utility that lets you deploy multiple SSIS packages, and their configuration files, at one time. BI xPress also features an auditing framework that lets you track how long packages take to execute using seven built-in reports, and a notification framework that automatically sends out email messages and text messages in the event of SSIS package execution problems.

BI xPress integrates with both Visual Studio (VS) and Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). This integration with BIDS lets you add a framework that follows best practices written by SQL Server MVP Brian Knight to your SSIS packages.

This product supports SQL Server 2008 and 2005. To learn more about BI xPress, and to download a free trial of the product, visit

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