Share and Collaborate on Reports with Internal and External Users Using SharedViews

Earlier this week, Panorama Software announced the release of SharedViews, which is part of the latest version of the NovaView business intelligence (BI) suite, NovaView 5.5. SharedViews lets you share and collaborate on NovaView reports through Google Apps. “The goal is to enable collaboration with people inside and outside the firewall around live BI reports, as well as provide a much cleaner, safer user interface for users to use BI,” says Oudi Antebi, the vice president of marketing and strategy at Panorama. Once a NovaView report has been made available via Google Apps, you can access both the report and the underlying data using SharedViews.

SharedViews manages the sharing and collaboration process so that one version of the truth is maintained. “You get all the benefits of Google Apps and Google Docs—collaboration, sharing, publishing, all those things—but you get also the BI elements embedded inside it,” says Antebi. An interesting feature of this product is that you can create dashboards that contain business data, which you can add to your iGoogle page as a gadget. NovaView 5.5 is now available as both an on-site and Software as a Service (SaaS) product.

SharedViews requires Google Apps and includes support for SQL Server 2008. For more information about SharedViews and NovaView 5.5, visit

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