Predixion Enterprise Insight 3.0 Now Includes More Business Intelligence Features

Predixion Enterprise Insight 3.0 Now Includes More Business Intelligence Features

Predixion Software has released a new version of its collaborative predictive analytics platform Predixion Enterprise Insight 3.0, which lets users create, reuse, share, and deploy predictive applications. The latest version introduces a new machine-learning semantic model that makes it possible for non-technical users take advantage of predictive analytics on their data.

The new machine-learning semantic model automates the access and transformation of data on the fly so end-to-end applications can be easily developed and implemented. This model makes it incredibly easy for predictive applications to be deployed through a simple publish feature where the application can be shared, viewed, or scored through a client, web services API, or directly within a database.

A notable enhancement to Predixion Enterprise Insight 3.0 is the Insight Workbench, where predictive applications are created inside of Microsoft Excel. The Insight Workbench provides users with several different visualizations on big data sources and tools that enable the creation of reusable end-to-end applications that can be published out to organizational members for immediate insight and decision making. Visit the Predixion Insight website to learn more about this business intelligence (BI) solution. To learn more about using BI with SQL Server, visit SQL Server Pro's BI page that provides tips and tricks to use in your SQL Server environments.

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