PowerPivot Alpha Geek Challenge #2

Take the Alpha Geek Challenge!

The second PowerPivot Alpha Geek Challenge has begun! In challenge #2 (which runs from Feb 4th - Feb 13th), Microsoft's Donald Farmer wants to see your most interesting data set loaded into PowerPivot. Go to the PowerPivot Alpha Geek Challenge website and click on the 'Challenge 2' button to get all of the details directly from Donald himself. *Make sure you watch the accompanying video!

I was fortunate enough to win the first Alpha Geek Challenge. As a result I won a $250 Microsoft Store shopping spree and a chance for a free trip to the 2010 Microsoft BI Conference in New Orleans, LA!

On a personal note, I've seen various comments online regarding the Alpha Geek Challenge stating "its too hard to understand what Donald is asking for." Please don't over think the challenge(s). Just listen to what he is saying in his videos. PowerPivot makes creating BI applications easy!

Happy Power Pivoting!

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