ON!contact Product Chosen Top Software Package

Information Systems Marketing (ISM) named ON!contact Software Corporation’s Client Management Software (CMS) as one of the top 15 customer relationship management (CRM) software packages for 2000. CMS is a CRM solution for mid-market companies. ISM is a CRM market analysis and consulting firm, specializing in sales, customer service, and marketing automation. ISM’s Software Lab chose the CMS application suite from hundreds of CRM software packages it tested. The lab rated each package by 124 selection criteria, including 80 business functions, 32 technical features, and 12 user-friendliness and support features. CMS automates field sales, inside sales, marketing, customer service, and call center functions for mid-market companies. Its integrated application lets sales, marketing, and customer service professionals take better care of their prospects and customers through seamless communication and rapid productivity. ISM’s top 15 selections are featured in “The Guide to CRM Automation,” formerly known as “The Guide to Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing Automation,” at http://www.ismguide.com.

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