NovaView 6.0 Can Connect to Any Data Source

NovaView 6.0, the latest version of Panorama Software's suite of web-enable business intelligence (BI) applications, is now available.  According to Panorama Software, NovaView 6.0 includes three key feature upgrades: NovaView Flash Analytics, NovaView Relational Data Connector, and NovaView SharedViews.

The NovaView Flash Analytics UI, which Panorama Software developed in partnership with Google and had previously offered in Google Docs, has been extended to the on-premise version of NovaView (first introduced in NovaView 5.0). It offers self-discovery features, making it easy for end users to find and analyze data; interactive help; and animations that flash, link, or expand to direct users.

With its new universal data connector, NovaView supports both non-OLAP and relational data sources, including Microsoft Excel, comma-separated value (CSV) files, and RDBMS. Users can connect to any size data source after browsing the available data sources using a new wizard.

NovaView SharedViews lets users use NovaView to share spreadsheets with people who are both inside and outside your corporate firewall, such as partners and vendors who don’t have easy access to data inside the firewall to create reports in the cloud. Once reports have been published, they can be accessed via a web browser, letting users easily collaborate on them in real time.

In addition to these new features, NovaView 6.0 also includes new deployment wizards and applications, as well as data analysis and visualization tools, performance dashboards, interactive reports, KPI scorecards, and data modeling features.  You can find out more about the latest version of NovaView at

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