New Products, March 2006

Remotely Control SQL Server

Subquery Innovations announced Compact DBA, a PDA solution that lets you remotely manage, analyze, and monitor the performance and availability of your SQL Servers.The product will alert you of potential server problems and let you correct them from wherever you are with just a few stylus clicks.The product features 10 screens that provide information about every aspect of server performance and availability. Compact DBA is designed for any Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone, or PDA. Pricing for Compact DBA starts at $840. For more information, contact Subquery Innovations at [email protected], 321-246-4856, 832-683-0394, or

Improve SQL Server Development

ApexSQL released ApexSQL Edit 2.20, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SQL Server developers. A new feature in this release, Centralized Object Mapping, lets groups share object mappings in source code and automatically update their mappings across group members. An additional feature, the Object Explorer, gives you references to object metadata as well as drill-down capabilities so that you can access sub-level objects. Other features in this release include Snippets, customizable XML-based code that can increase your coding productivity, and Advanced Copy, which enables copying of query results and other grid output to HTML. Pricing for ApexSQL Edit 2.20 starts at $299. For more information, contact ApexSQL at [email protected], 866-665-5500, or http://www

Simplify Design-Time Experience

ComponentOne announced Studio Enterprise 2005 3.0 for Visual Studio 2005, a component toolset for developing all layers of Windows,Web, and mobile applications for Visual Studio. Updates in this release include Chart for .NET and True DBGrid for .NET, features that provide designers and wizards to reduce the time needed to learn component object models and let you focus on application development. Smart-Designers and SmartFramework, new productivity technologies, provide a new framework and visual design interfaces that let you set components' most common properties without leaving the design surface.This release also includes a redesigned Preview for .NET feature that includes an enhanced object model, a more robust, modular design, and improved performance. Also included in this release are WebMenus and WebBars for ASP.NET, which add new C1WebTreeView and C1WebTabStrip components and functionality not available in the box withVisual Studio 2005. Pricing for ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2005 3.0 starts at $599.95. For more information, contact ComponentOne at 800-858-2739, 412-681-4343, [email protected], or

Simplify XML Development

Altova announced that XMLSpy 2006, XML development software, includes full support forVisual Studio 2005.This release lets developers access the functionality of XMLSpy to build XML-based applications from withinVisual Studio.The new release contains updated XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, and XQuery support in compliance with the latest World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Working Drafts on XML Query Use Cases, released September 15, 2005. Integration with Visual Studio gives you access to five editing views including Advanced Text View, Enhanced Grid View, XML Schema/WSDL Design View, Authentic View, and Browser View. These views let you work with any XML document in a way that best suits your needs.The editing features of XMLSpy support automatic completion, context-sensitive syntax help, entry helpers,and syntax coloring.Altova offers a 30-day trial, and pricing for XMLSpy 2006 starts at $499. For further information, contact Altova at 978-816-1600, [email protected], or

Improve Application Monitoring

Heroix announced Heroix Longitude 3.0, system and application performance-monitoring software that's agentless and lets you improve performance without installing the software on each server.This release features correlated event monitoring, which gives you more meaningful alerts because you can correlate a set of unrelated events.You can also consolidate alerts and errors into one message for faster monitoring of your network activity.Additional features include sending policy-based email, generating SNMP traps, and executing scripts by using Enhanced Corrective Action capabilities. For more information, contact Heroix at 800-229-6500,617-527-1550, [email protected], or

Monitor Database Changes

Lumigent announced support for SQL Server 2005 with new features in its Information Security Management (ISM) Suite. ISM Suite lets your organization manage security and compliance risk by protecting valuable information assets. Vulnerability Manager DB 3.0, the first product added to ISM Suite, identifies vulnerabilities in your enterprise database and application deployments, classifies them according to severity, and produces measurements of their relevant risk. Audit DB 3.0, the second product added to ISM Suite, provides a solution for auditing database activity by letting you know what data has been accessed by what user or application, how data was modified and when, and who has viewed certain data. For further information, contact Lumigent at 866-586-4436, 978-206-3700, [email protected], or

Maintain Legal and Regulatory Compliance

SPI Dynamics announced SPI Dynamics Compliance Pack, software that helps you address legal and regulatory compliance for Web applications and Web services. The product offers a combination of applicationsecurity assessments, customizable security policies, and regulatory compliance reporting. SPI Dynamics software-testing products, WebInspect, QAInspect, and Assessment Management Platform (AMP), all include the new Compliance Pack. Existing customers will receive the Compliance Pack automatically through Smart Update, which is included in all SPI Dynamics products and provides automatic policy updates and the latest Web application vulnerability checks. For more information, contact SPI Dynamics at 866-774-2700,[email protected],or

Simplify Reporting Services Reports

Designing and delivering SQL Server Reporting Services reports (RDL files) has become easier with SoftArtisans OfficeWriter 3.5. Users can now design and deliver their RDL files inside Microsoft Excel and MicrosoftWord through the OfficeWriter Designer, a distributed client-side toolbar that's integrated in your Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.You can disperse the toolbar among all your users, and once it's deployed, anyone can create and publish reports directly to the Reporting Services server without leaving Microsoft Office. The toolbar lets you query a data source and add merge fields and repeat blocks. Once you've designed your report, you can save it to your hard drive, view it instantly, or publish it to the server for distribution.A free trial version of OfficeWriter 3.5 is available. For more information, contact SoftArtisans at 877-763-8278, [email protected], or

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