New Products - 24 Jan 2007

Automate Security Analysis and Entitlement Reporting

Idera announced SQLsecure, a new security analysis solution for SQL Server implementations. The software identifies users who have inappropriate access rights and permissions, eliminates security holes and weaknesses, and monitors changes in access rights to ensure compliance. SQLsecure gathers a picture of your entire SQL Server environment and settings and provides tools for analysis and reporting. You can review and audit all SQL Server access controls, security-related properties, and integrated Windows security across computer, network, and Active Directory (AD) settings. SQLsecure costs $995 per SQL Server instance. For more information, contact Idera at 713-533-5144, 877-464-3372, or

Technical Resource
SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Resource

Sams Publishing released "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services" by Kirk Haselden, development manager for Microsoft's SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). The book provides real-world solutions to real-world problems. If you're new to SSIS, the beginning chapters include "Setting up Integration Services" and "Basics and Concepts." For more complex concepts, you can delve deeper in chapters such as "Control Flow Services" and "Management Services." The 744-page book costs $59.99; a downloadable Adobe Reader PDF version is available for $43.19. For more information, contact Sams Publishing at

Migrate Crystal Reports to Reporting Services

dataReference announced that Report Migrator works in conjunction with SQL Server 2005 so that you can migrate Crystal Reports output into Report Definition Language and run the resulting reports through SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. With Report Migrator, you can continue to use Crystal Reports Designer to develop reports, but you can distribute the reports through Reporting Services. This functionality maintains your investment in report design and gives you the flexibility to distribute reports across your organization without retraining your development staff. For more information, contact dataReference at 214239-0820, 866-489-4512, or

Performance Monitoring
Quest Releases .NET Application Management Solutions

Quest Software announced two .NET application management solutions that help discover, diagnose, and resolve .NET application performance and availability problems. Quest Management Pack for .NET works with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005, and Foglight for .NET is part of Quest's Application Advantage strategy for managing complex application environments and expands to monitor and manage .NET applications. Both solutions proactively monitor your applications and inform you of impending performance and availability problems. For more information, contact Quest Software at 949-754-8000 or

Manage .NET Application Life Cycle

Lattix announced Lattix LDM for .NET, a tool that uses the Lightweight Dependency Model approach to analyzing the architecture of your .NET applications. Lattix LDM for .NET lets you analyze .NET application architecture in detail, edit the structure to create test scenarios, and specify design rules to formalize and communicate the design structure to others. The tool provides a high-level view of your architecture and lets you drill down to a subsystem and examine code associated with its dependencies. The product can also remove unwanted dependencies and rename subsystems. Lattix LDM for .NET starts at $495 for the Professional Edition. For more information, contact Lattix at 978-474-5022 or

Database Management
Visualize What's Happening Within Your Database and SQL Code

Killer Bite Software announced SQL Visualizer, a Windows client–based database query and management tool that lets you navigate around your database objects and visualize what's happening within your database and SQL code. The software searches for database objects and content across multiple databases and servers and is able to override server connections properties at the database level. You can also view the history of previously executed queries, which are maintained between sessions. SQL Visualizer features IntelliSense, custom object scripting, data scripting, code snippets, and code regions. SQL Visualizer is a free download. For more information, contact Killer Bite Software at

Business Intelligence
Integrated BI Solution for SQL Server 2005 and 2000

XMLA Consulting announced ReportPortal 2.1, an integrated business intelligence (BI) solution that provides analysis, reporting, and advanced data visualization features for SQL Server 2005 and 2000. ReportPortal is a client application for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services that lets you build, publish, and view a variety of reports, including OLAP, data-mining, and SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services reports. The latest release includes a tree map and pie-chart tree, bar-chart tree, geographical map chart, and dashboard reports. For more information, contact XMLA Consulting at 813-866-3483 or

Database Comparison
Compare and Synchronize Databases and Schema

TulaSoft announced SQL Examiner 1.5 and SQL Data Examiner 1.1, which compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas and SQL Server databases, respectively. SQL Examiner compares the schema of two SQL Server databases and locates the changes in tables, views, stored procedures, and any other object in the database. When you use SQL Examiner with SQL Data Examiner, you can also compare and synchronize data differences between the two databases. And now, SQL Examiner can compare and synchronize Common Language Runtime (CLR) objects that SQL Server 2005 supports. Pricing for SQL Examiner and SQL Data Examiner starts at $199.95. For more information, contact TulaSoft at

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