New Products - 20 Nov 2007


Preconfigured Hardware Platforms for Business Intelligence
Microsoft and Dell have joined forces to create new Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing reference platforms that include preconfigured sets of software, storage, and servers designed for BI and data warehousing applications. Three versions of the reference configuration platform are offered, differentiated by disk size.

Each of the reference configurations ships with a database server, an analysis server, and a reporting server, all based on Dell PowerEdge hardware running SQL Server 2005 and Windows Server 2003. Buyers then choose a 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB storage option, with appropriate storage provided by Dell PowerVault MD1000 storage arrays. Microsoft General Manager of SQL Server Tom Casey mentioned in an interview that these configurations should help customers take the guesswork out of assembling an optimal platform for BI. “These new configurations don’t require customers to learn new skills to solve their BI problems,” said Casey. “This makes BI easier to deploy and will speed up initial adoption of BI capability.”

All three configurations are available now. For more information, contact Dell at 877-671-3355 or visit

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Learn SQL Server T-SQL in 10 Minutes
SAMS Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL in 10 Minutes is a new book from SAMS Publishing that promises to give DBAs the information they need to get started using the T-SQL language. Written by Ben Forta, the book explains how to create T-SQL statements that can be used to filter data, join tables, and automate processes with triggers. SAMS Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL in 10 Minutes is available now and retails for $19.99. For more information, contact SAMS at 201-767-5021 or visit

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Database Migration

Migrate Data from Microsoft Access to SQL Server
DMSoft Technologies has announced DBConvert 2.0, an updated version of its database migration tool. DBConvert is used to convert data to and from Microsoft Access and SQL Server database file formats. The software also lets DBAs apply customizable data filters that specify migration criteria, and a command-line option gives more precise control over the migration process. Pricing for DBconvert begins at $69. For more information, contact DMSoft Technologies at [email protected] or visit

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Oracle Database Extraction

Optimize Data Extraction from Oracle Databases
Innovative Routines International Inc. (IRI) has shipped a Windows version of CoSort Fast Extract (FACT), a tool that lets DBAs transfer Oracle tables to external files. According to IRI, the product can unload large Oracle tables to flat files in a variety of formats. FACT can also be used in conjunction with CoSort’s SortCL and Oracle’s SQL*Loader tools, a combination that IRI claims will improve high-volume migration and replication operations. For more information, contact Innovative Routines International at 321-777-8889 or visit

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Database Utilities

Manage Database Operations
Red Gate Software has released SQL Data Compare 6, a new version of its database comparison product. The update introduces Row Level Restore, which lets DBAs repair corrupted or missing data and restore it to its original state. SQL Compare 6 also allows comparison between live and backup databases and between two offline backup files. Pricing for SQL Data Compare 6 begins at $395. For more information, contact Red Gate Software at 866-733-4283 or visit

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Database Management

Optimize Database Performance
UpTempo from Datacore Software is a new product designed to boost the performance of Microsoft Windows Server platforms and the applications that run on them. Datacore claims that the software works by making the servers read and write data to fixed-disk storage more efficiently, and by eliminating I/O bottlenecks on the network. Pricing for UpTempo ranges from $49 for Windows XP systems to $498 for Windows 2003 Server systems. For more information, contact Datacore at 954-377-6000 or visit


Create Database Applications for REAL Basic
REAL Software has announced REAL SQL Server, a multi-user relational database for REALbasic applications. REAL SQL Server can support hundreds of simultaneous users (although 50 or less are recommended), and REAL Software claims that migrating data from the REAL SQL Database to REAL SQL Server is made easier because both applications are based on the same database engine. REAL SQL Server is available now and is priced at $500 per server. For more information, contact REAL Software at 512-328-7325 or visit

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Improve Data Acquisition and Warehousing
Texas Memory Systems’ new RamSan-500 provides high read performance and large-capacity storage. The RamSan-500 is the first enterprise-class cached flash storage system, as well as the fastest flash-based solid state disk (SSD) currently available. Because the RamSan-500 uses flash technology in addition to as much as 64GB of Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM, its capacity is larger (2TB in a 4U chassis) and its price is lower than SSDs based strictly on DDR RAM. The RamSan-500 makes superhigh- performance SSDs more accessible for mainstream applications, such as those based on Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases. For more information, contact Texas Memory Systems at 713-266-3200 or visit

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