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New to Microsoft PowerPivot? Join me on June 30th for a free webinar.

Microsoft PowerPivot, the company's new in-memory, self-service analysis toolset will usher in a new era for IT professionals and business users alike. Gone are the days when the business had to wait on already strained IT resources for new report requests to be fulfilled...

PowerPivot is a brand new toolset and with its initial release there are many questions being asked. People are curious about:

     1) When, and just as importantly, when NOT to use the new capabilities?
     2) What types of analytical applications can be built with PowerPivot?
     3) How do we use PowerPivot to load and work with large data volumes?

This webinar will answer these points and include a demonstration, as well as some best practices, tips and tricks by BI expert Derek Comingore, a Microsoft MVP and PowerPivot Alpha Geek Challenge Finalist from B.I. Voyage.  A Q & A session will conclude the presentation.

To register for this free webinar please visit https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/729967232

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