Navison Adopts BizTalk Framework

Navison Software will work with Microsoft Corp. to support the BizTalk framework by developing BizTalk-compatible schemas for seamless electronic exchange of business documents and messages expressed in Extensible Markup Language (XML). Navison Software's BizTalk involvement exemplifies its commitment to further developing Microsoft's e-commerce platforms, including SQL Server, Windows 2000 Server and Commerce Server. "Looking ahead, we consider BizTalk to be the foundation upon which to build and direct communications between businesses. Ultimately, this will enable the rapidly growing middle market to have a single technical vocabulary for describing business processes," says Ren, Stockner, Navison Software's sales and marketing vice president. The XML-based framework enables organizations to exchange information and conduct e-commerce within their own organization and with trading partners. A key aspect in Microsoft's strategy to help accelerate e-commerce growth is to make doing business over the Internet easier for businesses of all sizes.

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