The Meaning of the Microsoft MVP Award, Year 2

On October 1, 2009 the Microsoft MVP program awarded another round of MVP candidates including current MVP holders. Thankfully, I was one of the MVPs to have their membership renewed for another year. When I won the award for my first time about a year ago I posted this blog post here on SQL Server Magazine regarding the meaning of the MVP award. I still completely agree with my thoughts back then on the meaning of the award. Since that time I have nominated my first candidate as I do not wish to just nominate anyone that comes up to me saying “nominate me”.

The MVP title is awarded annually and it is not a given that existing MVPs will be renewed as some folks out there think is the case. There is yet another group of folks that hold the title of Regional Director (RD) that I view as “super MVPs”. Both of these awards take a lot of work that equates to continuously sharing your knowledge with others.  It is the passion for sharing knowledge with the community that I believe is the spirit of the MVP award.

So, with that said, I encourage those of you that have taken the precious time out of your day to read this post to become more active in the technical communities (if you are not already). It would be my pleasure to nominate those who are out there sharing their valuable knowledge. An old colleague once came to me and said “dude, I am a huge fan” (referring to my work in the community) and my response to him was “I want to be your fan”. Since that time, I believe (and hope he continues) performing more community activities (would be my pleasure to nominate you if you’re reading this, keep it up). Finally, I all too much realize how much time it takes to perform some of these activities (ever wrote a book?) and thus some folks just cannot commit the time, which is without question understandable. I give thanks to everyone in the SQL Server community, SQL Server Magazine, Microsoft, and the countless friends that have helped me over the years for the award.

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