Hire: Google's New Service for Recruiting and Hiring Employees

Hire: Google's New Service for Recruiting and Hiring Employees

Google has been working to compete with Microsoft's office 365 services for enterprise and business customers and now they want in on a little of Microsoft's LinkedIn action by providing their own tool for finding and hiring new employees.

Hire, announced this week by Google, is the companies new service which integrates directly into G Suite and provides the tools which help recruiting teams work together through the process of talent acquisition.

Some of the combined features of Hire include:

-- Communicate with candidates in Gmail or Hire and your emails will sync automatically in both.

-- Schedule interviews in Hire with visibility into an interviewer's schedule from Calendar. Hire also automatically includes important details in Calendar invites, like contact information, the full interview schedule and what questions each interviewer should focus on.

-- Track candidate pipeline in Hire, and then analyze and visualize the data in Sheets.

Hire from Google

Image via Google

Any U.S. based business with less than 1,000 employees that is already using Google's G Suite can purchase Hire to use the service for finding their new employees.

Unfortunately, a search of the Hire product web portal does not reveal what that pricing is but they do offer a form so that eligible G Suite subscribers can sign up for a demo to learn more about the service. I imagine it will be at that point when more detail is revealed about the pricing of Hire.

If you are not quite ready to dive into a demo, you can alternately sign up for a 40 minute webinar and learn more about the service through an online demo.

Google has a couple of things going for it here with Hire.

First, is that they are targeting their smaller business customers under 1,000 employees. That gives them a broad range of hiring needs to see how well the service can handle those various workloads.

Second, just like Microsoft did with Teams on Office 365, G Suite customers are the only ones who can use the service. That means the company has an established audience of subscribing customers to offer this service. Although one difference with Teams is that Microsoft offered that service as an add-on for existing subscribers with no additional charge. Hire will cost Google's current subscribers an additional fee to use and depending on how much that will cost determines the value.


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