Converting Access Data into XML

How can I convert data in a Microsoft Access table into XML format?

The following applications can help you convert Access data into XML format: Access 2002, ADO 2.5, and SQL Server 2000's SQLXML. Access 2002 (part of Microsoft Office XP) lets you save a table or query in XML format. You might be able to automate this process. ADO 2.5+ lets you open the data into a recordset, then persist the recordset in XML format, as the following line of code shows:

rs.Save "c:\rs.xml", adPersistXML

And SQL Server 2000 lets you use linked servers to add the Access database so that you can run queries from within SQL Server to retrieve data in that database. Then, you can use the SQLXML technology to extract through HTTP the Access data in the XML format you want.

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