Bowne Global Expands Testing Services

Bowne Global Solutions expanded its worldwide testing services and integrated them with its localization services, letting global IT developers release fully tested products ready for immediate international deployment. “Pairing enhanced testing and localization services helps our customers bring their products to market quicker, with greater confidence,” says Carl Glaeser, Bowne Global Solutions CEO and Bowne & Company senior vice president. “Our research shows that most companies simply underestimate localization requirements and the effort needed to bring products to international markets, tested and ready for global e-commerce.” Bowne Global Solutions published its research in a white paper, “Global eCommerce: The Market, Challenges, and Opportunities,” which is available at The company’s testing expertise is based on comprehensive localization projects that feature major testing components, such as Microsoft Encarta, Office 2000, and Visual Studio; Microsoft Network; Lotus SmartSuite, Palm Pilot, and IBM Workpad; Novell NetWare; and Sun Solaris Easy Access Server and Solaris ISP Server. Besides expanding its testing laboratory in Spain and creating new labs in China and Slovakia, Bowne Global Solutions will enhance in-country, language-specific testing capabilities at its 15 facilities around the world.

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