Bluestone Software Announces Alliances

To establish consulting and implementation practices for its new Total-e-Business Services, Bluestone Software allied with Grant Thornton LLP, modis Inc., and Technology Solutions. Each ally company will create an e-business practice based on Total-e-Business. “Our Total-e-Business Services providers address a wide range of industries and organizations, but their clients all share a common goal—to increase returns on e-business investments, lower e-business operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, and expand market share,” says John H. Capobianco, Bluestone Software worldwide marketing senior vice president. Working with manufacturing, retail, financial services, and other industry clients, Grant Thornton will offer an e-business solution that addresses its clients’ technology and business departments’ strategic demands. modis, the information technology services subsidiary of Modis Professional Services, will implement Total-e-Business solutions for clients at various stages of Internet involvement, from launching an initial Web presence to needing highly automated, integrated, personalized e-business practices. Technology Solutions, a business consulting and systems integration firm, will offer a unique blend of technology, operations, and business expertise to organizations wanting to realize IT’s full benefits through the enterprise.

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