Attunity Replicate Now Includes New Data Warehousing Enhancements

Attunity Replicate Now Includes New Data Warehousing Enhancements

Attunity has released a new version of its data-delivery solution, Attunity Replicate 2.1. The latest version now includes several different data warehousing capabilities. A notable addition to this release is Attunity TurboStream Change Data Capture (CDC), which is specifically designed to enhance performance. Attunity TurboStream CDC provides key optimizations for Amazon Redshift, EMC Greenplum, and Teradata by leveraging the data warehouses' native features and utilities to optimize performance and agility. Additional features in this release include the following:

  • Support for new sources, including open database connectivity, SQL Server 2012, and Salesforce
  • Supports for new targets, including Amazon Redshift, SQL Server 2012, and Teradata
  • Full support for large objects, including BLOBs, CLOBs, and NCLOBs
  • Better log file management that now provides users with the ability to automatically delete or roll over log according to the logs' date and size

Visit Attunity's website to learn more about this offering. Also, be sure to visit SQL Server Pro's web page dedicated to SQL Server 2012 to learn how it can better serve your business intelligence (BI) needs.

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