Aerospace Manufacturer Chooses Hummingbird

Hummingbird Communications announced that France-based Aerospatiale-Matra, an aerospace manufacturer, purchased the Hummingbird Enterprise Information Portal (EIP). Aerospatiale-Matra is a leading manufacturer in the worldwide civilian and military aeronautical helicopter, aerospace, and defense sectors. A new corporate entity resulting from a recent merger of Aerospatiale and Matra Hautes Technologies, Aerospatiale-Matra is the only European business group with a presence in all sectors of the aeronautics, space, and defense industries. The Hummingbird EIP will give Aerospatiale-Matra a single point of access to a vast number of information repositories, connecting users to the content and context they need. The product offers multidirectory single log-on and authentication, unified search results from disparate sources (structured and unstructured), and seamless application integration with other software solutions. “In light of our recent merger, we needed a portal solution that had the ability to accommodate any repository,” says Christiane Humbel of Aerospatiale-Matra. “Hummingbird EIP more than met this recommendation. In addition, due to the sensitive nature of our corporate information, we required a solution that could maintain the integrity and security of our existing documents.” Aerospatiale-Matra also purchased 2,500 seats of Hummingbird’s document management products.

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