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Bungie posts first Halo 3 software update

And no, unlike with every Apple product made in past several years, it's not a bunch of post-RTM bug fixes. Instead, Bungie is throwing us a pretty modest multiplayer matchmaking update:

Halo 3's Matchmaking Playlists, just like Halo 2's, are dynamic and ever-changing entities. Even now in the perilous Bungie towers, we're looking at new hoppers, gametypes and modes to test for future iterations and changes of these playlists. Multiplayer Lead Tyson Green and test wunderkind David Gasca sent the following list of changes to us -- and these changes are live now:

  • Big Team Battle matches are now 16-player affairs.
  • In the Team Slayer playlist, the appearance of Shotty Snipers has been greatly reduced.
  • Now, when players veto Shotty Snipers, the game that results from the veto will not be Shotty Snipers.
  • In one-sided VIP matches, the attacking team will now see a waypoint for the VIP they are hunting.
  • In Lone Wolves, Slayer gametypes will appear more frequently.
I've still not spent a lot of time in pure multiplayer but I'll get there. Instead, I'm focusing on finishing the game on Legendary via a combination of single player and dual player. I've lost track of what level I'm on, but I just found the Cartographer if that makes sense. I guess I'm about 2/3 of the way through.
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