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Boycott Games for Windows - Live

You know, I might just support this movement. In its current implementation, Games for Windows Live is just horrible.

Boycott Live? Why?
We have decided to start a boycott campaign against Microsoft’s Games for Windows – Live service because it’s violating our rights as PC gamers. Microsoft is pushing hard to make online PC gaming exactly like the Xbox’s. They want us to pay additional costs to subscribe to their Live service, and pay more monthly fees for a gold account, or to use the barely/non-working Silver account. Even if a gamer surrenders his soul for the attached fees to Microsoft; he may not even be able to purchase a subscription because the Live service is only available in 26 countries out of the 257 countries. This means that gamers from 231 countries are currently unable to purchase gold subscriptions even if they want to.

These two main issues put the future of online PC gaming at serious risk. This is what convinced us someone needed to start a boycott campaign against the Games for Windows – Live service. This became imminent to preserve online gaming and gamers rights. Of course Microsoft is a multi-millionaire corporation and they probably won’t care about this boycott, but game developers and publishers are more vulnerable to boycotts, and therefore we will target them instead. Sega, Eidos and THQ already signed to bring more Games for Windows – Live titles. The clock is ticking, now it’s the time to stop it. Say NO to LIVE.

Read the whole thing. The rationale behind this is pretty solid, but for one thing: It's almost impossible to find a Games for Windows Live-compatible game anyway. Here's the full list.

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