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Blockchain Proof of Concept: Naturipe Farms

A critical step on the path to enterprise adoption of blockchain is the proof of concept. Attend this webinar on agribusiness Naturipe Farms’ blockchain proof of concept to understand the company’s challenges and lessons learned.

Date: Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

While blockchain technology is applicable across a range of vertical industries—and many businesses are eager to explore it because of its potential to rewrite the rules around financial and other types of transactions—enterprise use of blockchain outside of the financial services sector has been slow to advance for a variety of reasons. Experts point to the technology’s complexity, lack of developers, inherent requirement for collaboration among disparate parties and scalability concerns, to name a few reasons.

This scenario is starting to change, as more and more businesses are stepping forward to take on blockchain proof-of-concept projects, a crucial step for the technology as to moves toward enterprise adoption.

Blockchain holds particular promise for agribusiness supply chains, for its potential to improve food safety and traceability, cut down on food waste, enhance auditing and compliance efforts, and contain costs.

One Florida berry cooperative, Naturipe Farms, has completed a blockchain proof-of-concept--conducted with SAP, which is developing a blockchain product. In this webinar, Naturipe’s Carol McMillan, director of IT, will share lessons the company learned in the process. She’ll discuss:

  • Logistics of the PoC
  • Discoveries made
  • Project challenges
  • Stakeholders
  • The role of IT
  • How project success was measured
  • Future plans
  • SAP’s role

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Carol McMillan, Director of Information Technology, Naturipe Farms

Carol has been working in the produce industry for over 15 years. Over the course of her career, Carol has worked hand-in-hand with growers, developing and implementing farm-to-fork traceability programs for both fresh and processed berries. In her current position as director of information technology for Naturipe, Carol oversees Naturipe’s IT department, tackling head-on challenges that the fast-paced produce industry delivers. Carol is proud to work with a company like Naturipe, whose goal is to remain ahead of the technology curve to deliver the best-quality and environmentally sustainable product daily.