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Bing Cashback Celebrates Black Friday With Up to 35 Percent Cash Back

From Microsoft:

For a limited time starting on Black Friday, November 27, Bing shopping customers can earn increased cash back from select participating retailers through our Bing cashback Gold Rush promotion. When purchased through the Bing cashback program, savings range from 5 to 35 percent cash back from retailers such as Macy’s, Sears, The Gap, AT&T, Walmart, eBay, HP and many more. Of note, Macy’s is offering 10%, Home Depot 8% and Dell 20% in cash back savings.

With Bing shopping, your readers can also comparison shop for the best product and price, and consult user and expert reviews as well as get money back when they purchase products through Bing cashback. Bing shopping helps your readers quickly and easily decide the best gift purchases. It also helps them save time and money with the click of a mouse; extra time they can spend with the family, and money they can keep in their pocket for the New Year.

More info is available on the Bing Blog.

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