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Binarymission Enhances Its Virtualizing Wrap Panel Control for WPF and Silverlight

Binarymission, a provider of UI components for .NET, announced the immediate availability of BinaryVirtualizingWrapPanel .NET V3 for WPF and Silverlight—part of Binarymission's newly updated UIControlSuite .NET control set, which supports Silverlight 4.0 and 3.0. BinaryVirtualizingWrapPanel .NET V3 includes these enhancements:

  • ICollectionView filtering and sorting: IEditableCollectionView data sources. This enhancement allows the control's virtualization engine to support the transactional edits to the ItemsControl's items source data. The control will automatically re-virtualize/realize the contents for rendering in its viewport.
  • Dynamic update of the viewport, based on Filter and Sort: The control now performs dynamic and automatic re-virtualization/realization of child items for re-rendering in the view port, on dynamically filtered and sorted data (for ICollectionView data sources).
  • SlideShow enhancements: 15 new slide transitions and effects have been added.
  • Alert pop-up .NET enhancements: A new property in BinaryAlertPopup .NET, ShouldPerformAdvancedCleanupUponHide, allows for advanced cleanup to be run deterministically after the pop-up is hidden.

Sundar Subramaniam, technical director of Binarymission, said, "Developers love working with WPF and Silverlight but are constantly hitting performance issues when using large data sets in wrap panels. Virtualizing Wrap Panel v3.0 solves this problem, being the world's first Virtualizing Wrap Panel, and allows millions of items to be incorporated without slowing end user experience."

BinaryVirtualizingWrapPanel .NET V3 is priced at $900 per developer. You can download evaluation versions of both UIControlSuite .NET and the Virtualizing Wrap Panel for WPF and Silverlight (BinaryVirtualizingWrapPanel .NET V3).

BinaryVirtualizingWrapPanel .NET V3 for WPF and Silverlight

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