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Best Buy memo details Windows 7 some upgrade pricing

Engadget has a great Windows 7 pricing leak courtesy of Best Buy. Among the details:

  • The Technology Guarantee program begins June 26, allow customers who purchase a PC between that date and "the Windows 7 launch day" to get a free copy of Windows 7.
  • The Technology Guarantee program also covers individual software purchases of Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate. I believe this is new info.
  • On June 26, you will be able to pre-purchase some Windows 7 versions. Pricing is includes $49.99 for Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade and $99.99 for Windows 7 Professional Upgrade.

Contrary to what Engadget says, the leaked memo does not say that "Windows Vista doesn't work." It says that Windows 7 is "Vista that works. It's a new OS with improved productivity, functionality, and creativity that uses less computer resources." In other words, it's a better Vista. No need to turn this into something silly. God help us if a new Windows version isn't an improvement on its predecessor.

Thanks to Erik L. for the link.

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