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Yet Another Reason To Keep Backups

If you're using hosted services, as so many companies do, then you better have some backups just in case the unexpected happens.

Take for example the unexpected disappearance of your servers along with all of your data. That could put you out of business if you don't have a backups and a failover plan in place.

This happened to Liquid Motors. As you can read over at Wired, "A company whose servers were seized in a recent FBI raid on Texas data centers applied for a temporary restraining order to force the bureau to return its servers, but was denied by a U.S. district court last week.

The company, Liquid Motors, provides inventory management and marketing services to national automobile dealers, such as AutoNation. It was one of about 50 companies put out of business last week when the FBI seized the servers at Core IP Networks, one of two data centers and co-location facilities raided by the FBI's Dallas office in the last month in an investigation into VoIP fraud.

Although Liquid Motors was not a target of the investigation, the FBI took all of the company's servers and backup tapes in the raid.

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