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Red Gate Launches SQL Backup Pro 6

Enhanced network resilience and compression features

Red Gate has announced the release of the latest version of its popular SQL Backup product. SQL Backup Pro 6 offers network resilience to recover interrupted backup operations, self-healing log shipping, and a new advanced compression algorithm.

Simon Galbraith, joint-CEO of Red Gate explains, "We're continuing to invest in SQL Backup's development because we view it as a strong addition to any SQL Server DBA's armour for ensuring more robust and reliable SQL Server backups beyond the capabilities of even the most recent release of native SQL Server."

I recently spoke with Colin Millerchip, the SQL Backup Pro 6 product manager, who explained that the latest version of the product is based on feedback from customers about features they wanted to see, such as enhanced network resilience. While Millerchip acknowledged that SQL Server itself is “robust” the problems lie in sending data across a network. “Some networks can be extremely flaky,” he noted. “And when network outages interrupt backup processes such as log shipping the results can have dire consequences. We’ve introduced a couple of features that protect the backup processes against long- and short-term outages."

DBAs can use the network resilience functionality for transient, short-term outages that happen during backups. SQL Backup will pause, give the network time to correct itself, and come back on line at where the operation left off. The new self-healing feature provides extra resilience for longer-term network outages when performing log shipping. According to Millerchip, “This means that if a network outage occurs during log shipping as transaction log backups are being transferred, SQL Backup Pro will continue to make transaction log backups and store them on the source server until the network is back up. Once the network connection is resumed, SQL Backup Pro 6 reattempts the transfer and reprocesses the transaction log files that are stored in a pending log copy queue during the network outage. The log shipping operation is then brought right up-to-date by SQL Backup Pro without the need for intervention.”

SQL Backup Pro 6 also offers a new compression level (level 4) for maximum backup compression. Millerchip notes that Level 4 is “extremely competitive in the market. It makes further 40% space saving from Level 1, the default level.” According to the company’s press release, the software’s compression analyzer enables users to assess which of SQL Backup Pro 6’s four compression levels would be optimal, depending on whether the priority is speed or size of backup.

SQL Backup is compatible with SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server 2000. There are two licenses—Lite and Pro. For information on pricing, screen shots, demos, testimonials, and a fully-functional 14-day trial of SQL Backup Pro 6 go to

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