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OneDrive for Business Introduces Changes for Enterprise Update Ring

OneDrive for Business Introduces Changes for Enterprise Update Ring

Corporations and enterprise that are in highly regulated industries have to be able to manage updates to their OneDrive syncing client so that they can provide an audit trail when updated clients are deployed to their users.

According to Microsoft's Stephen Rose, an updated OneDrive for Business sync client now implements a period of time that system admins and IT Pros can test a new version of the ODfB sync client and then control when that update is shipped to end users.

The goals of this update include:

-- Provide customers a way to deploy updates to the sync client

-- Allow enterprises to control and log when an update occurs, without losing our ability to auto update them

-- A way to update the sync client without requiring using external internet bandwidth

The major change in how the sync client is now deployed, which pushes out to enterprise users right after the production release is validated, is to add a 60 day delay between those events.

That two month period gives the system admins control over the update:

"...customers can go deploy the update on their own accord, allowing them to record exactly when their software is updated. Additionally, since they are the ones deploying the update, they can do so without using external bandwidth."

You can read more about these changes over on the OneDrive Sync Client Update support page.


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