JSI Tip 9292. NTBackup on Windows Server 2003 SP1 (Service Pack 1) fails to backup the system state on a domain controller?

After you install SP1 on Windows Server 2003 on a domain controller, NTBACKUP.exe fails, with a report similar to:

Backup Status
Operation: Backup
Active backup destination: File
Media name: "xxxxxxx created MM/DD/YYYY at HH:MM"

Volume shadow copy creation: Attempt 1.
"NTDS" has reported an error 0x800423f0. This is part of System State. The backup cannot continue.
This behavior will occur if you have relocated your Active Directory database and/or log files to another volume, and no file on that volume is backed up.

To workaround this behavior, create a small text file, like forceVS.txt, on the volume where the Active Directory database and/or log files reside, and insure that NTBackup.exe selects this file on every backup.

NOTE: To insure that your incremental or differential backup always selects the forceVS.txt file, schedule a job each day, earlier than the backup, that alters the file. It can be as simple as @echo %DATE% %TIME%>D:\forceVS.txt, if the file resides on D:.

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