JSI Tip 7593. The System State option is NOT available in NTBackup on a Windows 2000 Server?

The subject problem will occur if the user does NOT have the Back up files and directories and the Restore files and directories user rights on the local computer.

To resolve this issue:

01. Open the Domain Security Policy from the Administrative Tools folder.

02. Navigate through Security Settings / Local Policies / User Rights Assignment.

03. Double-click Back up files and directories.

04. Check Define these policy settings.

05. Add the user or a group to the Security Policy.

06. Press Apply and OK.

07. Double-click Restore files and directories.

08. Check Define these policy settings.

09. Add the user or a group to the Security Policy.

10. Press Apply and OK.

11. Exit the Domain Security Policy.

12. Open and CMD.exe prompt.

13. Type secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy and press Enter.

14. The user must log off and log on before they can backup the System State.

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