JSI Tip 5613. Windows 2000 backup does NOT fully restore multi-path software?

In tip 2102, I described what NTBackup doesn't backup/restore.

After you do a complete restore of a Windows 2000 computer, you are unable to access external storage. Reinstalling your HBA adapters may cause a BSOD, and removal / reinstallation of the multi-path software does NOT fix the problem.

Multi-path software creates a 'virtual bus' to enumerate the devices attached to the HBA controller. Since the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ key was NOT restored, the 'virtual bus' cannot be created.

To resolve this issue:

1. Perform a clean install of Windows 2000.

2. Install the correct drivers for the HBA controller.

3. Install and configure the multi-path software.

4. Perform the complete restore.

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