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JSI Tip 5584. Backup fails to complete successfully and Event ID 1450 may be logged?

When you run NTBackup, or a third party backup that use the NT Backup API, the backup may fail to complete successfully. The Application event log may contain:

ERROR 1450: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.


Operating system error 1450 Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.

Write on "device" failed, status = 1450

ERROR 1130: Not enough server storage is available to process this command.


Backup or restore operation terminating abnormally.
You may also receive Event ID 2020 and 2021.

If you only experience these problems when you backup large system volumes, it is likely that one of the following is the cause:

- More files are open than the memory cache manager can handle.

- You are attempting to backup a file that is too large.

To identify the problem, start Task Manager. At the bottom of the Performance tab, inspect the Kernel Memory section for the Paged pool value. If this value approaches 80% of the physical memory, one of the above causes is the likely culprit.

To resolve the problem, you must be running Service Pack 2 or later:

1. Use the Registry Editor to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management.

2. Add Value Name PoolUsageMaximum, a REG_DWORD data type, and set the data value to 30. This directs the Memory Manager to begin trimming the allocated paged pool memory when it reaches 30% of the total paged pool.

NOTE: If you are using the /3GB or /PAE boot.ini switches, start with a data value of 10.

3. Shutdown and restart Windows.

4. If this does NOT resolve your problem, set PoolUsageMaximum to 10 and restart your computer.

5. If 10 works, you might want to try increasing the data value by 20% until the backup fails, then reduce the data value to the last good percentage.

NOTE: You must test these setting during the most stressful backups.

6. You may also need to set the data value of the PagedPoolSize Value Name, a REG_DWORD data type, to 0xFFFFFFFF, using the Hex Radix. This setting allocates the maximum paged pool possible.

7. Shutdown and restart your computer.

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