JSI Tip 4850. You can't get NTBackup in Windows XP to expand the 'Entire Network' so you can backup to a share?

When using NTBackup to backup to a network share, you browse the Entire Network and press the plus (+) sign at a computer name, and nothing happens, so you can't select the share?

To workaround this feature:

1. Start / My Network Places.

2. Press Add Network Place.

3. Use the wizard to browse to the share and select it, or type the URL, \\ServerName\ShareName.

4. Press Next to accept or change the display name of the share.

5. Press Next.

6. Uncheck Open this network place when I click Finish.

7. Press Finish.

NOTE: The My Network Places that you added will be a separate item in NTBackup.

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