JSI Tip 4667. Scheduled Backup will NOT use media in the Import pool?

In tip 2265, we discussed scheduling NTbackup without the need to manage media.

If you do schedule a backup, and use the /t <Tape Label Name> switch, Ntbackup will hang if the the requested tape is in the RSM Import pool?

When you run Ntbackup interactively, the Always move new import media to the backup media pool option is honored. When you schedule the backup, this option is NOT honored.

NOTE: If Ntbackup is hung, use the Kill command to terminate the process.

To resolve this issue, manually move the tape from the Import pool to the Backup pool, prior to scheduling its' use. To do this in an unattended fashion, determine the library name by using the rsm view /tlibrary command. For this example, I will assume your tape library is HP C1537A SCSI Sequential Device. Add the following statements prior to the NTBackup command in your batch file:

rsm refresh /lf"HP C1537A SCSI Sequential Device" 
Sleep 60 
rsm allocate /M"Backup\4mm DDS" /pf"<Tape Name in Import pool>" 
sleep 15
NOTE: If Sleep is not available, use the sleep alternative.

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