JSI Tip 4595. Windows XP System State backup.

In tip 2500, I explained how to backup your NTUser.dat and the computer's registry hives, using a System State backup.

NTBackup for Windows XP backs up the the computer's registry hives to the %windir%\Repair folder.

NTBackup for Windows XP does NOT make a copy of your NTUser.dat to disk.

If you want to use the technique in tip 2500, in addition to the System State, you would backup \Documents and Setting\%UserName%, minus My Documents.

To recover the registry, you would boot the Recovery Console and copy the computer's registry hives to %Windir%\System32\Config.

To recover your profile, you would logon as Administrator and restore \Documents and Setting\%UserName% from the appropriate .bkf file.

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