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JSI Tip 4207. How do I manually edit a Windows 2000 Ntbackup script?

When you create a scheduled backup, a selection script, .bks file, is created. The .bks contains your drive, folder, file, and/or exclution settings that you selected for the backup.

NOTE: You can make use of an altered selection script in tip 2265 » How do I perform an NTBackup in Windows 2000, without having to manually manage the media?

To alter a selection script:

1. Use Notepad to navigate to:

\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\NTbackup\Data

2. Open the appropriate .bks file.

3. Alter the file using the following table of rules:

    Selection          M E A N I N G     
    X:\          The entire X: drive is backed up.    
    X:\FolderNname\          The files in this folder are backed up.     
    X:\FolderName\ /exlude          The files in this folder are excluded.     
    X:\FileName.ext          This file is backed up.     
    X:\FolderName\FileName.ext          This file is backed up.     
    X:\FileName.ext /exclude          This file is excluded.     
    X:\FolderName\FileName.ext /exclude          This file is excluded.     
    SystemState          The System State is backed up.     
    \\ServerName\ShareName\FolderName\          The network files in this folder will be backed up.     

4. On the File menu, choose Save As.

5. Save as a NewName.bks, using ANSI encoding.

6. Delete the original .bks file.

7. Open a CMD prompt in UNICODE mode, CMD /U.

8. Type:

type NewName.bks > OriginalName.bks

9. Delete NewName.bks.

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