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JSI Tip 3943. Scheduled backups may hang after mounting a tape?

A scheduled NTBackup that overwrites the tape media by using the /UM switch may never complete?

When you use Scheduled Tasks to look at the job, it is reported as Running. Task Manager lists NTBackup.exe on the Processes tab. If you use RSM to view the Work Queue, the last item listed is a MOUNT operation by NTBackup. If you start an interactive backup session, the backup Report for the scheduled job is empty.

If the tape you mounted has a media label written by a third party program that doesn't use the MTF tape format, NTBackup is waiting for a response to the following message:

Replace Data:

The requested media is not blank. It was created by another application.

Do you want to continue?

Since the backup is scheduled, no one will respond.

To workaround this issue, use the following procedure:

01. Use Task Manager to end all instances of NTBackup.exe.

02. Use Computer Management / Storage / Removable Storage / Physical Locations / <Tape Device>.

03. Expand <Tape Device> and expand Media.

04. Right-click the non-standard tape and Dismount it.

05. Insert this non-standard tape in the drive.

06. Right-click the <Tape Device> and press Inventory.

07. After the inventory completes, expand Media under <Tape Device>.

08. Right-click the non-standard tape and use All Tasks / Deallocate.

09. Press Yes to each of the following prompts:

      Confirm Media Deallocation
      Deallocating media without the knowledge of the owning application can cause the data on it to be lost.
      Are you sure you want to deallocate the selected item ?

      YES NO

      Confirm Media Deallocation
      Are you sure you want to deallocate 'tape_name'?

      YES NO
10. Right-Click the media you just deallocated, and then press Prepare.

11. Press Yes to each of the following prompts:

      Confirm Media Preparation
      This operation will destroy the data on the media and move it to the free media pool.
      Are you sure to write a free media label on the selected medium ?

      YES NO

      Confirm Media Preparation
      Are you sure you want to write a free media label on 'tape_name'?

      YES NO
12. If you wish to prepare more media, use the Eject Wizard to eject the newly prepared media and repeat this procedure for each tape you wish to prepare.

NOTE: The prepared media can now be used for scheduled backups.

If you have uninstalled the 3rd party program, it may have left a Media Label Library (MLL) in RSM. You can have RSM automatically move this programs media to the Unrecognized media pool so that scheduled backups can use them without having to prepare the tapes, if you use the /UM switch:

1. Use Regedt32 to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\NTMS\OMID\Tape.

2. There should be 3 default sub-keys:

3. Remove the sub-key that is associated with the uninstalled program, and leave the default sub-keys untouched.

4. Exit Regedt32.exe.

5. At a CMD prompt, type:


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