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JSI Tip 3390. Windows 2000 backup created a new tape GUID when writing a new label?

If you:

1. use your NTBackup tapes in more than one computer.

2. Select the Replace the data on the media with this backup when backing up.

3. Enter a new media label name.

NTBackup will create a new GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) on the tape.

If you then use this tape in the computer that originally inventoried it, RSM (Removable Storage Manager) places the tape into the Import media pool instead of the Backup media pool (where it originated).

NOTE: RSM considers the tape to be foreign because the GUID doesn't match any in the local database.

NOTE: All statistics on the tape are lost.

NOTE: The original tape is still listed in the Off-Line media library but can never be mounted. You should Deallocate and remove the tape from RSM.

RSM has no way of tracking media label changes when you share media between computers.

If you want to maintain accurate media usage statistics, and ensure that backup media is placed back into the Backup media pool, DO NOT change media label names when you select Replace the data on the media with this backup on tapes shared between computers.

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