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JSI Tip 3303. How can Windows 2000 backup restore a multi-tape backup set, when some of the tapes are missing?

The Windows 2000 Ntbackup program does NOT support the /missingtape command-line switch.

Removable Storage Manager (RSM) has a record of the individual media used, in its' database. These tapes are labeled BackupSet-1, BackupSet-2, ..., BackupSet-n.

To perform the restore:

01. Eject all the tapes from your library or single tape device. Within RSM, the ejected tapes are moved to the offline media library in Physical Locations

02. Physically mark (label) the tapes so you can insert them in the proper order, for restoration. You may want to write protect them.

03. Start Ntbackup and select the media catalog, on the Restore tab, that represents the backup that has the missing media.

04. Right-click the catalog entry and press Delete from system.

05. Respond Yes to the warning message and exit Ntbackup.

06. In RSM, right-click the first tape (from offline media) that you wish to restore, and press Inject. Physically insert the tape. RSM will mount, read the media label, and place the tape in the Import media pool.

07. Start Ntbackup. If you have not previously selected the Always move new import media to the backup media pool option, a dialog will be displayed asking you what to do with the import media. Check the Allocate all compatible import media to backup box and press OK.

08. Select the Restore tab. On the Tools menu, press Options and select the General tab.

09. Clear the Use the catalogs on the media to speed up building restore catalogs on disk check box. When the informational dialog box is displayed, press Yes.

10. On the Restore tab, select the tape media catalog name for the backup set that you wish to restore.

11. Right-click the catalog name and press Catalog, to build a new media catalog of the data on the tape. When the backup detect the end of the tape, you may be prompted to insert the next tape in the series.

12. Select the appropriate restore option and press Start Restore.

NOTE: Since you are restoring from an incomplete backup set, you may receive:

The media in the drive must be erased before it can be used.
If Ntbackup cannot continue, or if the next tape in the series is the bad or missing tape, exit Ntbackup and restart this procedure, at step 01, but use the next good tape.

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